Navigation sd card fault

I have a 2015 Ford Focus SE that recently started popping up this error (see picture) I have looked online and see this is an ongoing problem with the SYNC system on 08-16 models. Also I noticed that ford has updated to the SYNC 3 system on all 2017+ models. My question is; 1) is there a way to fix this issue myself? 2) if it isn't able to be fixed at home, is this covered under my manufacturer's warranty? 3) if not covered under warranty, does anyone know the cost to have for fix my issue? Thanks in advance for any help on my issue. Ps: I already looked in my owner's manual and this is not an issue I could find in there, also I saw some YouTube post stating that ford hasn't helped many people with this besides giving a new sd card. (that doesn't always fix the issue)

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