Interior Mirror/Compass Issue


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Hi all,

Sorry for the long-winded story........

Last year I bought a 2010 Focus SEL with 8,000 real miles!!! Had the body damage repaired, and my wife and daughter have been driving it with only one problem: they both HATE the auto-dimming interior mirror. So I popped the mirror off, and replaced it with an aftermarket manual dimming unit. They're happy now...but I did lose the compass.

So I have two questions for any experts out there:

1 - I'd like to get the compass back. I didn't cut any wires, so there's no permanent damage done. Is there any sort of transducer or other part that I could splice in that would work to restore the compass?

2 - Is there any other function(s) that I've lost that I'm still blissfully unaware of?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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