Help me please with this after market Seicane H7605M


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United States
What I Drive
2012 Ford Focus Titanium 5 Door
I have the 2012 Focus Titanium originally with the Sony with Amp system!

Primary issue is no sound!

I put it in and some plugs are ignored some not converted. I have no sound other issues!
Attachment #6 and 0 (1st and 2nd Pic) Is the large plug from the 8" monitor screen. not used?

Attachment #7 (3rd Pic)I believe this USB connects Sync to system no adapter and currently unplugged

Attachment #2 and 8 (4th and 5th Pic) Cars Antenna plug no adapter to old style Motorola plug

Attachment #4 (6th Pic) is plug for Flasher and Door Locks and there is no where to plug it in Flasher/Doors Locks did not work

Attachment #1 (7th) is old plug for old volume/Tuner which is not available to new radio yet its plug still plugs in?

Attachment #3 (8th Pic)shows old front face Panel take note there is no plug in for cable #4 on new radio yet there is a plug for spinner on this picture no longer used yet there is a plug in #1!

I like this radio's look and functions I really would like to keep it if I can work this out!

Their Customer service said this after finding out I have an Amplifier
"Please connect the amp wire to your car's amp wire first". There is an Amp wire on new head unit but were do I splice it in?


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