Ford Focus 2013 Side Mirror won't connect to wiring of new door


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My Ford Focus 2013 was a victim of a hit and run resulting in the front RH side door shell being damaged.

I was able to find a replacement door from an auto-parts shop. It was advertised as a electric windows w/o automatic up and down windows. Which should be compatible with my vehicle. They sold it to me with the speaker and the wiring inside but not the inside cover.

After a lot of effort, I was able to take off my current damaged door and replace it with the newer door. One thing I noticed about the new door is that it has one extra pair of wire socket. Everything seems to be working well just that the wire socket that connects to the side mirror is different. The side mirror I have has blinkers on them and blind spot mirror too but does not have any heating or anything. The wiring socket in the newer door is slightly big. The photo I am attaching along is from my older door. The newer door has 8 holes per row rather than the 7 in the older one. I cannot connect the newer door to the side mirror. Even the color of the wires in the newer door and the previous door is different.

I just want to know how I can go about fixing this issue. Any help and/or advise would be helpful.

Thank you.


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You'll have two voices (-er, Choices)...

Remove the old socket and enough of its wiring to make a pigtail for this.

This is so you can cut off the old and splice this in, but that requires knowing the new color code and what the functions are - if you don't have any sort of wiring diagram from both the new and older door - you're flying blind.

Your connector is from another year and even different trim line - so the extra wires are from the year and trim the vehicle this door came from - has.

You can - if careful - remove the old connector and the new connector, and just swap out the pin for pin the new connector - from the old pin for pin using the OLD socket to refit this.

You remove the locking tabs and firmware to release the wiring from the individual; pin holes and one by one - transfer one to the other making up or using the wiring harness routing to help you in knowing which wire served what purpose.

Your template is the old door, you'll have to translate the new door to it.

Might and strongly recommend a DVM for continuity checks to find where this wire went and ended up here moments.

Thats the problem with these choices, the disassembly and the required details to rewire - when the old color code and new color code are not the same.

If you knew the year, it may be easier to swap once you found the new color code and just make a translate table to make the new connect to the old. But - as said earlier - these are the choices - or get another door from the SAME Year and Trime line
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