FocusFest 2019 - Gateway Motorsports Park, August 30th-September 1st

Posted this on Facebook also. But appears the block for the hotel is not set up correct. It is booked for only 2 nights (friday night and saturday night). With events on Sunday and those traveling a long distance is there any chance a Sunday night can be added to the booking? when you follow the link for the booking (located it auto populates a check out of September 2nd but the discount block rate does not go past the night of the 1st.

Also when will registration be open?
Hi @Magus2727, we've only secured the rates for 2 nights. However you're welcomed to contact the hotel to see if they can offer the discounted rates for Sunday. We'll make another update to this thread when registration is open.
@FocusFest Ben Richter seems to think differently (posted as a Facebook responce to a post). With Auto-X and Drag racing on Sunday some of us will need Sunday night. Both for a place to sleep and a place to keep the stuff we don't want in the vehicles for those activities.
Well Ben got things worked out. Booking made for 3 nights at the block rate. 19.5 hour drive here we go!