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hey so I just picked up a 2002 focus hatch 5 speed with a zetec motor in it as a daily for the winter. I was driving it today the first day I put it on the road and I guess you can day I was driving it hard (I'm use to driving my mustang) and heard a very loud noise. pulled over to find out that my drivers side engine mount literally snapped in half.. never experienced this before. it's the mount that looks like I mounts from behind the battery and bolts to the transmission. it literally snapped in 2 pieces and the motor is now very crooked as I'm sure you'd assume.. also the axle on that side came off and is just dangling. I can't get the trans in any gear but second which is the gear I was in when this mess happened. this was all what I've found while on the side of the road waiting for a toe truck. besides for needing a new motor mount and axle what else would you guys assume broke since some of you may have ran into this issue before? I'm new to fwd. do you guys think the transmission is ok why won't it go into and other gear? any info would be great thanks guys! this was quit a freaky incident

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