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Hello all, I am new here and at my wits end with an ABS error on my 2010 Focus SES automatic 2.0L 4 door coupe. The car only has 63,000 miles on it.

My problem began when my brake fluid level light came on. I checked the fluid and it was very low - so I topped it off. The brake fluid light went off, and I verified that the sensor is working properly.

About 20 miles later my ABS and BRAKE and Traction Control light came on. The lights then went off, then came on again, then went off, then came on and stayed on.

I checked my brake pads/shoes and they were worn. I bought new pads and rotors for the front and new drums and shoes for the rear.

I went ahead and replaced my rear bearings and tone ring for good measure with the new drums I installed.

While compressing the brake cylinder/s during the brake job the brake fluid backed up through the brake lines into the reservoir as expected - and so I had to remove some fluid to keep it from spilling out. The brake fluid doesn’t appear contaminated and is a tea color in appearance.

I then bled my brakes starting with RR, then LR, then RF, then LF. The brake line bleeding appeared normal with no signs of leaks anywhere in the system.

The ABS/BRAKE/Traction lights are still on. My CReader VII+ ODBII code reader is telling me that I have an ABS fault E1342 “rear sliding door actuator” code.

My wheel speed sensors are functioning - as I can read back the wheel speed through the code reader while driving and they all match in their readings.

My question is this. Does my ABS need to have a software bleed procedure performed to rectify the error?
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