2012 Ford Focus Radio Box Compatibility


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I have a 2012 Ford Focus SEL with Sync. I recently encountered a problem with the radio. It started with the radio cutting out from time to time. Then, the speakers started making awful scratching and popping sounds and didn't work at all. Sometimes it would even make the sounds when the car was off. I found several posts online from other Focus owners that had the same problem and the consensus was that my radio box needed to be replaced. Not wanting to spend hundreds for a new one with no guarantee of it solving the problem, I decided to try purchasing one from a Pull & Pay lot out of a totalled 2012 Focus. I swapped them out with no problem, and now the radio and CD player work fine. My problem now is Sync related. The phone connects like always, and I'm able to play music from my device thru the car's stereo. However, when it comes to voice commands and phone calls, I can't get it to work. When I press the button on the steering wheel there is no voice asking me to "please say a command", The screen says "listening" but it's not hearing my commands or speaking to me.
My question is: Is there a way to program or update the box that I got from the junked Focus? Come to find out, the car I pulled the radio box out of was NOT equipped with Sync. So, are the radios universally functional or would I need to try to get a radio box from a vehicle that was Sync equipped? The junkyard will allow me to return the one I bought or swap it out, but I'd like to avoid the hassle if it's just a matter of somehow programming. If I do need one from a Sync equipped model, are there other Ford models of that same time period that would utilize the same box like a Fusion, Edge etc? I don't think there are any other Focuses at the Salvage Yard. Any help from the technologically inclined out there will be rewarded with a nice little reward via CashApp! Thanks!